Research Interests:

My main research interests in the field of macroeconomics are:

  • Asset price bubbles

  • Macroeconomic policies

  • Financial intermediation and stability

You can find more details about my research here.

My Job Market Paper: "Bubbles, Endogenous Growth and Financial Stability"


2021– Present

Teaching Fellow in Macroeconomics
University of Warwick, United Kingdom

2016 – 2021

Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom


PhD in Economics

2017 – Present

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Thesis title: "Asset Price Bubbles and Macroeconomic Policies"

Supervisors: Professor T. Kirsanova, Professor C. Nolan and Professor R. Dennis.

My PhD is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

  • Brief Synopsis of my Thesis:

Asset price bubbles have been affecting economies with ‘modern’ financial systems for at least 400 years. While it is clear that asset price bubbles emerge because the current owners of the asset believe they can resell the asset at a higher price than the one that they bought, it is still ambiguous which measures need to be adopted to deflate or limit the impact of these bubbles. Since bursting bubbles may lead to financial crises, it is crucial to make clarifications and policy recommendations on how to deal with asset price bubbles.

MRes in Economics

2015 – 2017

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom. Graduated with Merit.

Two years programme in economics structured as a Doctoral training.

Main courses: Macroeconomics Theory, Microeconomics Theory, Econometrics, Quantitative Methods, Topics in Macroeconomics, and Applied Microeconomics

  • Master Research Dissertation: How to model credit frictions?

  • First Year Summer Project: “Which Framework to use for Monetary Policy Analysis?”

Master 1 in Economics and Management

2014 – 2015

University of Caen, France. Graduated with Merit.

Administered by the University of Caen, the programme was taught and assessed at Texas A&M University, USA.

The Master 1 is the French equivalent of the Master of Science.

One academic year abroad programme in agreement with the University of Caen.

Main courses: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economics Forecasting, Monetary Policy, Mathematics, Public Finance, and Investment Management

  • Master Thesis: “Comparison between the Fed and ECB’s monetary policies”

  • Monetary Policy Class Project at Texas A&M: “Comparison of the Taylor rule between the Fed and the ECB”

Licence in Economics and Management

2011 – 2014

University of Caen, France.

The Licence is the French equivalent of the Bachelor in 3 years.

Main courses: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Labour Economics, History of the Economic Thoughts, Mathematics, Accounting and Management

Teaching Experience:

Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Glasgow (2016 – Present):

  • Macroeconomics 3rd Year UG

  • Macroeconomics 2nd Year UG

  • Microeconomics 2nd Year UG

  • Macroeconomics 1st Year UG

  • Microeconomics 1st Year UG

You can find more details about my teaching here.

Recognition and Funding:

Excellence in Teaching, 2021:

I was nominated and shortlisted for the Student Teaching Award for Best Graduate Teaching Assistant.

The award recognises teachers who have made an excellent contribution to the learning experience, inspired students to study beyond the classroom, and show clear passion and excitement for their subject matter.

You can watch the presentation of the award and of the nominees here.

Excellence in Teaching, 2019:

I obtained a Certificate of Excellence in Teaching for passing the Developing as a Teacher in Higher Education (DAT HE) course in the 2018-2019 academic year:

The DAT HE course has been developed in alignment with Descriptor I of the UK’s Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) for Teaching and Supporting Learning (Associate Fellowship).

You can read my Reflective Personal Statement about my teaching experience written in the context of this course here.

Excellence in Supporting and Representing Postgraduate Researchers and Graduate Teaching Assistants, 2019:

I was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for my initiative and participation in the creation of a GTA Committee for the Adam Smith Business School (ASBS) of the University of Glasgow.

ESRC Studentship, 2017:

I have been awarded an ESRC studentship from the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (SGSSS) for my thesis.

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is the UK's largest organisation for funding research on economic and social issues. It supports research that has an impact on business, the public sector and the third sector.

The SGSSS, funded jointly by the ESRC and the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), awards ESRC-funded PhD studentships through a number of annual competitions.



  • COMING: Money Macro and Finance Conference, Virtual Conference

  • COMING: International Conference on Macroeconomic Analysis and International Finance, Virtual Conference

  • European Economics and Finance Society, Virtual Conference, Virtual Conference

  • International Computing in Economics and Finance, Virtual Conference

  • Symposium on Money, Banking and Finance, Virtual Conference

  • Annual Southern PhD Economics Conference, Virtual Conference

  • Scottish Economic Society Annual Conference, Virtual Conference


  • Annual Congress of the European Economic Association, Virtual Conference

  • Money Macro and Finance PhD Conference, Virtual Conference

  • Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics Residential Conference, Crieff, UK


  • Macroeconomics Seminar Series, University of Glasgow, UK

  • Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics Residential Conference, Crieff, UK

Voluntary Work:

2018 – 2020 Student Representative for the Economics PhD students of the Adam Smit Business School, UK

2013 – 2014 Treasurer for the Handball Club of Verson, France

2013 – 2014 Coach Assistant for the Handball Club of Verson, France

Professional memberships:

2020 - Present European Economic Association (EEA)

2020 - Present Econometric Society (ES)

2017 - Present Scottish Economic Society (SES)

Research and Professional Skills:


  • French: Native speaker

  • English: Full professional proficiency

Programming Languages


  • Python

  • Julia

Econometric Packages

  • Stata

  • eViews


  • LaTeX

  • MS Office suite


Professor Tatiana Kirsanova

Professor in Economics

Adam Smith Business School,
University of Glasgow



Professor Charles Nolan

Professor in Economics

Adam Smith Business School,
University of Glasgow



Professor Richard Dennis

Professor in Economics

Adam Smith Business School,
University of Glasgow